Goal-Based Programs for Everybody


Beginner to Advanced

The goals of our members vary, and so do our program offerings and coaching styles. Whether you want to improve your energy levels to chase around kids or grandkids or you want to compete as a world-class athlete, we have a program specifically designed for your goals.

Fitness Group Coaching

The Fitness track of our group coaching is designed for improving body composition, uses less complex movements, and is good for weight loss. This program is also the perfect way to stay in shape with less risk of injury from kipping gymnastics movements or one rep maxes (1RM’s).

Performance Group Coaching

If you are experienced with functional fitness and love to train with a barbell, the Performance group coaching option is perfect for you. This program has an increased level of complexity in movements, adding elements such as Olympic lifts and strict/kipping gymnastics. Great for the experienced athlete or those seeking a new challenge.

Personalized & Small Group Coaching

Sometimes group fitness is intimidating, or you desire a more personal approach to your goals and needs. Let us help you make your journey a success with one-on-one coaching sessions or semi-private coaching.

Invictus Engine

This program will help you build a solid aerobic base and the ability to push in the short high-intensity workouts, which are key to improving your training – especially in the functional fitness realm. Invictus Engine trains both energy systems to make sure you’re prepared for any task, or any workout that comes your way. Workouts will include options for running, rowing, cycling, and accessible equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, and bodyweight movements. These sessions are aimed at elevating your athletic abilities and cardiovascular health.

Barbell Basics

This instructional series will teach you the lifting techniques for squat (front and back), bench, shoulder to overhead (strict press, push press, push jerk, power jerk, split jerk), deadlift, clean and snatch. Each session includes warm-up/activation, review of the points of performance including the set up and execution of the lift, common faults and time to practice. This series is FOR ALL LEVELS.

Olympic Weightlifting

This series is focused exclusively on the Snatch and Clean & Jerk (alternating series). Each session focuses on positional mastery and refinement of technique which leads to improvement in movement quality and efficiency.  This series is FOR INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED LEVELS ONLY.